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Village Butcher Shoppe, Inc.

About Us

The Village Butcher Shoppe started operation in September 1978 at a small store located at 1344 South Milford Road with two employees. In the Spring of 1983, the Milford Post Office moved into their new location on Atlantic Street and that summer we acquired the building and moved our operations into the current location where we have been for the last 27 years.  We added a Smokehouse to the operations in 1986 and began offering homemade sausage, smoked fish and hams to the community at different times throughout the year.

Today we service local residents and businesses in the greater Milford, Highland, Commerce, Novi and Waterford area.  Many of the local restaurants offer Hamburgers, Steaks and Sausages produced in our store on their menu’s.  We pride ourselves in being a Michigan company and offering where possible, Michigan products.  Why not come in and check us out.   

Our Product Offerings

In our store we offer many items that include:

Plus many other items too numerous to mention.   If you are looking for something special for a recipe or a large cut of meat like a 2” Porterhouse Steak, feel free to ask us and we will cut it for you!!!

Our Store


Homemade Sausage

Homemade Hams