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Village Butcher Shoppe, Inc.

Wholesale Meat Cuts and Sides of Beef

The Village Butcher Shoppe prides itself in its ability to offer our retail customers access to some of the larger volumes or cuts of meat that are used by our commercial accounts.  At the shoppe, we are able to offer you sides and quarters of beef and take the guess work out of that quality of the product you get when you purchase a side from a farmer.  All of our beef is USDA™ Inspected and graded Choice or Better.  Our Pork is All Natural USDA™ Inspected and of the highest quality we can purchase.

The pages that follow show our offerings for large or wholesale cuts and “Side of Beef” packages that we carry or assemble in house.  A little detail on each of the packages:

Please give us a call and talk to use about wholesale cuts and custom meat packages.  We will be glad to talk to you about your needs and work with you to build a package that is suitable to you at a reasonable price.  Please call (248) 684-6677 for more information and current pricing.  

* USDA is a Trademark of the United State Department of Agriculture.

Wholesale Cuts Sides and Quarters of Beef