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Sausages we make at the Village Butcher Shoppe



Andouille Smoked Cajun

A spicey sausage that is perfect for Jambalaya and southern rice dishes.


An old English mild breakfast sausages that can also be served with mashed potato's and gravy (I.e. Bangers and Mash).

Beef and Turkey Jerky

It takes a while to marinade the strips of meat and dry them in the smoker.  When they are done though, they are great.  The beef Jerky has an excellent pepper flavor.  Our turkey jerky has a definite Teriyaki flavor.

Brown and Serve's (Pork Based)

A fully cooked mildly spiced pork sausage that is ready to brown and serve with Eggs.

Brown and Serve's (Turkey Based)

A wonderful turkey based mildly spiced cooked sausage that if perfect with Eggs and/or pancakes.

Buffalo Chichen Blue Cheese Sausage

Not quite as hot as a good plate of Spicey Buffalo Wings but close.

Buffalo Hot Hunter's Sausage

Our 100% Buffalo Sausage with an added kick of Red Peppers.

Buffalo Mild Hunter's Sausage

One or our best selling sausages made with 100% Ground Buffalo and spiced to perfection.  A little dryer then our regular hunters due to the lower fat content.

Cheddar Brats

One of our best selling sausages!  A mix of Cheeses, Pork and Mild Seasonsings.  They are fully smoked and ready to eat.  Just remember NOT to overheat them or the cheese will explode out!!

Chicken Tomato Basil Sausage

A chicken based sausage with strong flavors of Basil, Thyme and Dried Tomatos.

Cooked Bratwurst (Veal Brat Style)

An interesting spice mixture makes this a facvorite of older people.

Cooked Italian

A fully cooked and ready to eat Italian Sausage.  Perfect on a bun with Onions and Peppers!

Fresh Bratwurst

A fresh pork based mild brat ready to be steamed in beer then finished on the grill.  Serve with your favorite spicey mustard!!

Fresh Breakfast Links

Our own mildly spiced fresh breakfast sausage.  This sausage is also available in bulk during the weekends and on request.

Fresh Chicken Italian

Our traditonal Italian sausage seasoning in a lean chicken base.  Not as juicy as the pork verion but just as tasty.

Fresh Chicken Spinach Feta

If you like Chicken Florentine, you will love these sausages!!

Fresh Italian

A wonderful pork based italian seasoned sausage that is perfect for grilling or use in soups, stews and sauces.

Fresh Polish

A staple in many households.  Fresh Polish is a wonderful mix of Pork, Garlic, White Pepper and other seasonings.

Holiday Kielbasa

Traditionally only available during winter holidays, Holiday Kielbasa is a fully cooked pork sausage rich in Black Pepper and Garlic.  At the Village Butcher Shoppe it is so popular, we make it all year.

Homemade ALL Beef Vienna's

Our mildly spiced home made Vienna's using only lean beef.

Homemade Chicken Vienna's

Like our All Beef Vienna's these are made with Lean Chicken meat to offer an alternative selection.

Homemade Vienna's

These are our traditional home made vienna's using a mix of Beef, Veal and Pork using our Old World Recipe.

Hot Cheddar Hunter's Sausage

An ALL Beef Snack sausage made with Cheddar Cheese and Red Pepper Flakes.

Hot Hunter's Sausage

One of our best selling snack sauage made from ALL Beef and Red Peppers.

Italian Hot Sausage

We take our sweet italian sausage and add Red Peppers to it to increase the spice level.  Great in sauces and stews.

Jalopano Cheddar Hunter's Sausage

Take our best selling snack sausage and substitute Jalopano Peppers for the Red Peppers.  A wonderful change and different with the cheese!!

Jalopano Hunter's Sausage

A nice spicey snack sausage with that taste of Jalopano's.

Jamaican Jerk Sausage

This is a spicey fresh sausage with a strong flavor of Ancho Chili's, Cayenne and Black Pepper.


A traditional german smoked sausage rich in flavors such as Nutmeg, AllSpice and Mustard.

Maple Brown and Serve's (Pork Based)

A maple syrup enhanced cooked version of our Pork Brown and Serves.  If you like sweet sauages, these are perfect for you.

Mild Cheddar Hunters

Our mild garlic prevalent snack sausage with cheddar cheese added.  A wonderful change.

Mild Hunters

A mild garlicy snack sausage.

Polish Fat Free Smoked Sausage

Its hard be we manage to do'it at times.  This is a smoked polish sausage that is loaded with flavor and lean on fat.

Pork Chorizo

A pork based spicey mexican sausage.  Great for Taco's and Potato's & Egg's.

Smoked Polish Brats (i.e. Mustang Dogs at Milford H.S.)

A mildly spiced pork based sausage that is a great substitue for regular Hot Dogs!

Southwestern Chicken Grill Sausage

This is an excellent chicken sausage that we season with cilantro,lime juice, fajita seasoning, sweet peppers and onions.  Great on the grill.

Thuringer Sausage

Thuringer sausage is an all beef cooked sausage with the bold flavors of whole peppercorns.  Wonderful served with Eggs or on crackers.

Turkey Apple Brats

Turkey Apple Brats are a real different twist on the normal flavors expected.  A real treat with a mild brat seasoning and sweet apple taste.

Turkey Chorizo

A fresh mexican spicey sausage that goes great with Eggs and Potatos.