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Seafood Recipes

To finish our recipe collection, lets look at some tasty seafood treats.  In this section we will look at some easy ways to prepare some very easy fish dishes and one timely but wonderful seafood recipe.


Fresh Salmon Fillet with Dill, Mustard and Potato Chips

Plain old baked salmon can be boring.  Why not spice it up with a little fresh dill, spicy mustard and crushed potato chips.  It only takes a few minutes under the broiler!!

Salmon or Crab Cakes

Salmon or Crab Cakes are very easy to prepare and go great with green beans and rice or macaroni and cheese.


This is a favorite in the south and takes time to prepare.  At the Village Butcher Shoppe we make our own Andouille Sausage and that is one primary ingredient in this dish.  This recipe is easy to make and worth it in the long run,